Complete solar power system including battery - preassembled and wired for $299.99! This system is perfect for the hunting camp, ice fishing shack, or snowmobile warming shack to provide 12vDC power to lights, charge smartphones, and power other small 12vDC loads occasionally. You can also add a small inverter for 115vAC and run a small radio while you're fishing, playing cards, or even run a small LED TV for a couple hours to watch the big game…!
• 60 watt solar panel with mounting brackets and fuse assembly
• 30’ of #10 colour coded solar wire already connected to the panel
• 20 Amp PWM charge controller with digital display and built in USB out for charging smartphones
• 5’ of #10 colour coded solar wire with eyelets for connecting to the battery
• 100Ah deep cycle solar battery
Need 115vAC power? Simply add the Samlex 250 watt inverter for just $39.99 which includes battery connection cables and its own built in USB charger as well.
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