NEW! Ridgetec Cellular Security / Game Cameras


NEW! Ridgetec Cellular Security / Game Cameras - automatically send pictures and video to your phone in real time from the cabin or cottage - from the tree stand - ...or from almost anywhere for that matter! Works with Bell, Telus, and Rogers networks.
Wanna capture images of wildlife when you're not around? Worried about idiot kids or dirty thieves breaking into your cabin retreat while away? How great would it be to receive a picture or video instantly alerting you when you're hard at work if motion is detected & catch them red handed!
The Cabin Depot is now an authorized dealer for Ridgetec security cameras and is now carrying the entire line of cellular products & accessories including silent & invisible flash technology.

Come check out these new cameras at our store today:

The Cabin Depot
294 Restigouche Road
Oromocto, NB
(844) 603-4743

For camera details, check out the our website here:

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  • Anna West