Frontier 15KW Generator - Honda NG/Propane - AUTO-START

by Wildcat


Propane or Natural Gas Fuelled Honda GX690 Engine. Simple Installation: Can be bolted to solid surface. Purchase/install battery (hook up to provided cables), install gas line - RUN!

If you're using this generator as a back-up to your solar power, it has auto-start capability so you never have to worry about manually starting the generator! You can set your controller so when your battery power drops below a certain threshold, the generator will automatically start and provide power to your batteries.

Perfect standby or emergency generator for your remote shop, camp, hunting cabin, or wherever. Please only run outdoors with proper ventilation.

Options to consider: Low Pressure regulator to operate from LP tank

Electrical Output: 15,000 W / 13,000 Watts Continuous
Load at 120 VAC: 125A/112A Continuous
Load at 240 VAC: 62A/56A Continuous
Breaker: 50A
Sockets: 1 x 50A 120/240VAC NEMA L14
Noise: <74 dBa Full Load at 7 meters
Fuel Consumption at Full Load:
Natural Gas 200 ft3/hr - 204,000 BTU/HR
LP 2.2 GAL/HR - 201,304 BTU/HR

Generator Package Dimensions:  30" (L), 21.5" (W), 21 (H)
Dry Weight: 245 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 265 lbs.

Key Connections
Fuel Inlet Hose Fitting: 3/8" Female NPT
Battery Recommended: 12 VDC- 400 CCA
Engine Oil Type: 10W30 for 20 to 120F, 5W30 for -20 to 70F
Electric cord sizing: Seek recommendation for length vs amp draw to find the proper sizing.

3 years Honda Engine
2-year Generator warranty
1 year 100% coverage of Parts.

See technical manual HERE

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