Nature Power 10W Folding Solar Panel- 12V

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The 10-Watt folding solar panel allows you to take advantage of the free energy from the sun to power your electronics. The Solar panel offers an environmentally friendly alternative to keeping all your gadgets fully juiced. It uses efficient monocrystalline solar panels but its folding design conveniently allows for it to be a fraction of the size of a traditional solar panel. The folding design makes it ideal for traveling and storage while the O-rings are great for mounting or clipping to a backpack. The 10-Watt Folding Solar Panel is constructed of weather resistant materials making it great for taking camping, hiking, backpacking and boating.

  • 10-Watt monocrystalline solar panel for charging all portable devices via usb
  • Magnetic closure and grommets for secure storing
  • Folds into small size for easy portability
  • Convenient side pouch for storage
  • Can be used to charge Nature Power's Power Bank Elite 15 rechargeable battery pack (sold separately) for added portability

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