TCD - 3G + Voice Cell Signal Booster

TCD - 3G + Voice Cell Signal Booster
Product Description

These boosters are for 3G + voice. They will improve cell signal inside of a cabin/camp as well as regular data & text, but won’t boost high speed / LTE data.

· There must be at least a weak signal somewhere outside the cabin for this to work!!! It can’t boost a signal that isn’t there.
· The included black cable connects to the outdoor (black) antenna and should go as high as possible on the outside of the cabin.
· Plug the cable into the outdoor connector on the hub.
· The indoor antenna (white) connects to the indoor connector on the hub.
· Plug in the power supply and connect to the hub.
· Keep the hub as far away from the outdoor antenna as possible (25’ minimum) including walls. Otherwise there will be interference and the unit won’t function properly.

$179.99 CAD