Aquatabs - 8.68g Tablets (60)

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8.68g (8,680mg) Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets can be used to treat a wide variety of water tanks, wells, tubewells, spring boxes, silt traps and more. Each tablet will produce 5,000mg/L of free chlorine. Add directly to your well or water storage tank or dissolve first and adjust the dosage as required. For example: adding 1 tablet to 1,000L of water will produce a dosage of 5mg/L of free chlorine. Adding 1 tablet to 500L of water will produce a dosage of 10mg/L of free chlorine. For help and assistance determining the correct dosage for your application, please call or email us, we're happy to help.

Aquatabs are an internationally recognized water purification tablet that have been tried and tested in a wide range of water sources around the globe. Aquatabs are a safe, simple, food grade water purification tablet which produce a measured dose of free chlorine for the treatment of potable water. Aquatabs are effective against E. coli, faecal coliforms, HPC bacteria, Giardia and many other waterborne diseases, bacteria and viruses including Hepatitis A and E and Salmonella.

Aquatabs produce far less "chlorine taste and odour" when compared to using chlorine pool pucks (which are not food grade) or Chlorine / Javex Bleach type of products

How to use 8.68g Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

WATER DISINFECTION: One Aquatabs 8.68g tablet will purify 1,000-1,250 L of clear water at a dosage of 4-5 mg/L available chlorine. Leave 30 minutes before using. Double dosage for cold water (less than 4C) or stained, turbid water.

PURIFICATION OF WELLS: To purify a well: 1) Dissolve 5 Aquatabs 8.68g tablets in 20-25 L of water in an open area using suitable personal protection (goggles, gloves) 2) Pour half the solution into the well. Operate the pump until the water pumped out (or from all the opened taps in a a household) distinctly smells of chlorine 3) Stop pumping and add the rest of the solution to the well 4) Wait one hour and pump again (with all taps open in a household) for several minutes 5) Stop pumping and leave the well for twelve hours 6) At the end of this time pump to waste (do not pump into septic systems) until the residual available chlorine level reaches less than 2 mg/L 7) Refill the system with potable water.

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