COB Dimmer Switch

COB LED Night Light with dimmer control. Ultra Bright 150-180 lumens New LED Technology. Decorated in Fall Transition Camouflage by CB Outdoor.

Stick or screw mount anywhere. No wiring needed. 3x AAA batteries included.

Great for closets, bedrooms, storage areas, campers, hunting blinds, etc.

About COB Lighting...
COB (Chip On Board) LED lighting is the hottest thing in lighting in a long time due to its many advantages.  A chip on board LED is basically an LED chip diode built directly on the circuit board to offer low heat resistance, low glare index, and uniform luminance. This patented technology offers a higher quality of light that saves energy, is smaller in size and has a much longer life span. A superior quality light at about the same cost, it simply makes sense.

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