Coghlans Cast Iron Camp Cooker

Made from durable cast iron, this Camp Cooker from Coghlan's offers a convenient way to toast sandwiches, grill meats, and cook delicious desserts over an open fire or nestled between coals. The Camp Cooker has a two-part hinge and wooden handles that unscrew making cleaning easy and it can also be broken down during transportation. The cast iron comes pre-seasoned, so it features a non-stick finish that needs to be renewed after each use. Features a stay cool wooden handle that is easy to use and latches together with an S hook around each handle. The cast iron plates are heat resistant and will not melt when used over an open fire.

-Great for making perfect pies, sandwiches, or grilling meats
-Nests in the coals for easy cooking
-Break-apart hinge design allows for easy cleaning
-Instruction and recipe book included
-Handle Length:  20.4" (52 cm), complete length with handles: 27” (68.5 cm)
-Weight:2.61 lbs. (1.18 kgs.)

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