Dual USB Qmadix 3.4A (17W) Charging Hub *CLEARANCE*

Dual USB Qmadix 3.4A (17W) Charging Hub *CLEARANCE*
Product Description

The USB Dual Mobile Charging Hub charges two different devices in your vehicle simultaneously while utilizing standard USB 2.0 charging cables (cables sold separately). Constructed from sonically sealed, rugged polycarbonate material, this mobile charging hub provides up to 3.4 amps for quick mobile charging*.


  • Provides 3.4 amps (17W) of mobile charging power*
  • Two standard USB charging ports
  • Built-in smart circuitry protects your device from over-charging
  • Sonically sealed for a seamless appearance

*When charging 2 devices simultaneously, both devices share the 3.4 amps

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$9.99 CAD $16.99 CAD

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