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The TinyJohn is the latest gas incinerating toilet model offered by EcoJohn. TinyJohn is perfect for cabins, tiny homes, boats, RV's, and other off-grid applications for up to 5 people. A compact and sleek designed waterless self-contained gas fired toilet, the TinyJohn incinerates the waste into a sterile ash that only needs to be emptied periodically.

The TinyJohn models provide ecological, economical, and logistical benefits and are great in areas where a standard flush toilet is not practical to install.

This model uses propane gas (LPG) connected to a standard 20lb, 30lb, 100lb, or larger tank and regulator. The 12vDC is required only to power the control panel and combustion fan during operation and is rated at just 1.5 Amp (<20 watt). 

Key Features:

  • Model TYJH-P12 which is our 12vDC version. If you require 120vAC or 240vAC options, please contact us for availability. 
  • Applications: Cabins, tiny homes, RV's, boats, guest houses, construction, additions, and many other off-grid applications. 
  • Use: up to 5 people, 30 flushes per day. 
  • Gas consumption: Approx. 150 flushes per 20lb (5 GAL) BBQ style propane tank.  


TinyJohn Flyer

TinyJohn Owners Manual


Please note: 

  • The Tiny John comes with a starter pack of 100 bowl liners and installation hardware. Due to the wide variety of applications, venting is not included. 
  • The standard vent kit is sold separately (you can select this under 'style'). This vent kit is typical for a cabin, tiny home, or other application where the toilet will be installed on an exterior wall. TinyJohn Vent Kit includes 1 x 12" Vent, 2 x 36" Vent, 1 x Wall Thimble, 1 x T Pipe and 1 x Rain Cap to complete the installation.
  • An optional catalytic converter can also be purchased (you can also select this option under 'style'). This converter is not required to operate, but will further clean the air being exhausted to the outside, reducing any potential odor (if any) and keeping the exhaust fan cleaner resulting in less maintenance. This converter comes pre-installed on the toilet if selected. 
  • Ship times may vary. Standard lead times are 2-4 weeks from the time of ordering. 

Technical Info

Propane Gas (LPG)
Operating Voltage
12V DC
Hourly Btu Input
6,700 Btu/hr
Operation: -35 to 140 F
Electrical Load
12V DC: 1.5 Amp/hr
Propane Consumption
Urine Cycle: 0.09 lbs/cycle
Waste Cycle: 0.19 lbs/cycle
Height 22"
Width 14"
Depth 23"
Sitting Depth 19"
Weight 65 lbs



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