EnerPlex Iphone 6/6S Surfr Solar Battery Case

Product Description

The EnerPlex Surfr case for iPhone 6/6S features a 2700 mAh battery that can be charged via a conventional wall charger or the built-in solar panel. Its rubberized surface makes it easy to grip and at 180 grams the Enerplex Surfr is among the slimmest and lightest charging cases on the market. The case itself allows data syncing throughput, and includes a headset jack extender cable. No more dead phones while you’re driving home, out at dinner, or stuck at the office late into the night. The EnerPlex Surfr for iPhone 6 is an easy and convenient solution for everyone.

Battery life:

The EnerPlex Surfr adds standby time up to 375 hrs, talk time up to 20 hrs, Wi-Fi up to 15 hrs, audio play up to 75 hrs and video play up to 16 hrs.


• 2700 mAh internal battery more than doubles the life of your phone
• Recharge via an AC wall outlet or the solar panel
• Protective case defends against bumps and scrapes
• Thin and lightweight design
• Rubberized texture for easy grip
• 4 level battery and solar charging indicators
• Micro-USB input
• Data sync pass though

$79.99 CAD

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