EP Solar 2210A 20 Amp MPPT Charge Controller

EP Solar 2210A 20 Amp MPPT Charge Controller
Product Description

Looking to upgrade that old limited PWM controller? You likely already know the limitations of the PWM controllers and the advantages of MPPT. Are these controllers the same quality as an Outback? Absolutely not. But for the budget minded consumer looking for a good entry level MPPT controller for smaller applications these will do the trick just nicely. 

The EP Tracer A Series are value priced MPPT charge controllers that allow 60 Cell solar modules to be used in battery systems. Accurate charge control and multi-stage help maximize battery life. Maximum Power Point tracking gets the most energy from your solar panels. For 12/24 volt battery systems. Optional Remote Digital Display available (see EPS-Remote). Up to 100V DC input (two 260 panels in series). For use in systems where battery negative in ungrounded only.
  • Ideal for single panel solar systems up to 260W (12V) or 520W (24V).
  • 12/24 output (auto-select).
  • Charge settings for sealed AGM or Flooded batteries
  • Built-in digital display
  • Optional Remote Display
  • Can also be used as a lighting controller with built-in timer
  • 20 amp output max.
  • $149.00 CAD