Insulation Cinderella Comfort Arctic Kit


Cinderella recommends adding its insulation kit for toilets that will be installed and used continually in cold climates. When ambient temperatures are very low, condensed water and ice can accumulate on the appliance. This kit is specially designed for the Cinderella Comfort incineration toilet to reduce wear on the product and its interior by adding a layer of insulation inside the toilet shell.

Tools needed:

  • 2 pc.10mm wrench or 10mm hex socket

  • 7mm hex socket

  • Sealant gun for 310ml cartridges

  • Disposable gloves

  • T10 for older toilets (rear wall)

  • T15 torx

  • T20 torx

  • Small flat screwdriver

    What is included in the kit:

  • Insulation for outer shell

  • Insulation for Cover

  • Insulation for rear wall

  • Gasket

  • Tec7 310ml cartridge

  • Installation instruction

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