Marey Gas 5L - 1.89 GPM Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

by marey


Compact design saves space and is easy to install almost anywhere, Provide endless hot water on demand and only as needed. Marey’s unit has a maximum input rating of 34,120 BTU/h and will provide a flow rate of up to 1.89 GPM output. No electrical connection is required; perfect for off-grid applications. Its small to medium water production is ideal for indoor usage, apartment, cabins, and tiny homes. You are able to control your temperature all year round with a convenient summer/ winter switch. Adjustable manual temperature control, multiple safety sensors including overhead and anti-dry heating. It is not recommended for elevations above 2,000 feet.

Quick Overview:
-No electrical connection required, pulse ignition, powered by (2) D batteries.
-Activated by water flow, not pressure.
-Multiple safety sensors including auto cut-off, automatic ignition, anti-dry combustion, over-pressure, overheating, flameout protection, and twin solenoid valves.
-Convenient summer/winter switch to control your temperature all year round.
-5 year warrenty.

-Water-controlled automatic ignition.
-This unit provides more comfort and energy savings in the form of the lower gas consumption in the warmer months.
-Sufficient flow is always required to keep the overheat safety sensor from shutting the unit off.
-Anti-freezing protection.
-Anti-dry combustion protection.
-Over-pressure protection (when water pressure is over 145 PSI)

-Minimum Activation Rate 0.65 GPM
-Minimum Temperature 6.8 °F – 66°F MAX.
-Water Connection Location – BOTTOM
-Water Connection Size 1/2” NPT

 Flow Rate:
-Flow Rate @ 35°F Rise 1.89 GPM
-Flow Rate @ 45°F Rise 1.49 GPM
-Flow Rate @ 55°F Rise 1.22 GPM
-Flow Rate @ 65°F Rise 1.03 GPM


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