MARTIN Portable Outdoor Single Burner 10,000 Btu Bottle Top Propane Stove

by Bismar


  • PLASTIC BASE - Includes a large extendable cylinder plastic base for greater stability regardless of what is placed on it offering a tip-resistance which holds 1 pound (16;4 ounce ) disposable propane fuel cylinder (not included)
  • POWERFULL & ADJUSTABLE - Fully adjustable flame featuring 10,000 btu burner will have liquids boiling in a flash or foods heated rapidly for cooking
  • BUILT-IN WINDSHIELD - Which protects the flame as the propane stove heats your food for optimal heat protection and efficiency no wasted time and effort with this cooker
  • Spend less time fighting the meal preparation battle and more time enjoying nature and the company of your companions; just say no to inferior camp stoves
  • When you're ready to leave camp, the burner and base easily separate from the propane bottle for compact packing


 We go camping to enjoy nature. Sometimes instant noodles just don't cut it, and you need higher quality food on your camping trip. We do not retreat to the peace of nature to be thwarted by the complexities and idiosyncrasies of an uncooperative bottle top propane stove. You can leave your dehydrated, salty, and unsatisfying meals at home—martin’s camping stoves bring a whole new level of gourmet to your camping adventures. With 10,000-btu burner output, it offers a ton of cooking power, convenience, and superior reliability to make it a standout in the market. Not only does it have a powerful flame that boils water quickly, but it also has improved adjustable heat intensity control, allowing you to choose between a rapid boil and a slow simmer so you can cook the way you want to. Be ready for gourmet style camp meals on your many journeys with the MARTIN one-burner propane stove. A truly sturdy and balanced single burner stove that handles both rapid boiling and slow simmering with the grace only a true outdoorsman can appreciate. Grate provides uniform heat distribution, and you'll use less fuel too thanks to the perfect heat technology. Outdoor cookouts with your family and friends won’t feel right if you haven’t got this portable stove to go along. The “right” camp stove for just about everyone out there, and particularly campers who want to stick to a budget without sacrificing performance. 

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