Martin Portable Propane Oven & Stove Combo

by Bismar
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The most practical oven and stove combo for outdoors cooking, everywhere!
Bring it with you for your outdoor activities, this lightweight oven and stove combo requires no assembly and operates with a disposable propane cylinder. You can grill delicious meals, or oven bake roasts, poultry, fish, pizza, vegetables, cakes and bread rolls. Only your appetite and imagination can limit your menu. No more reason to deprive yourself of a good table with the oven and stove combo from Martin®.


    • Propane canister not included
    • 2-burner stove with 10,600 BTU total
    • Oven capacity up to 260 °C (500 °F)
    • Windshields reducing heat loss
    • 2- oven adjustable racks
    • Oven thermometer
    • Automatic lighting
    • Flame failure safety gas shut off
    • Carrying handles
    • Protective cover
    • For greater use, see optional gas hoses for connection to a 9.1 kg (20 lb.) cylinder or to a recreational vehicle system
    • CS04


  • 1 year


Brand: Martin
Fuel Type: Propane
Heat Output: 10,600 BTU
Heat Output: 10,600 British Thermal Unit
Number of Burners: 2

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