Martin SG-228 Propane Hot Plate Cooking Stove - Double Cooktop 25,600 BTU

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  • ✅ SPACE-SAVING - Have more room in your cooking area, thanks to our burner's mini size. These double hotplates are compact and lightweight so you can move them around. Also available in solo stove.
  • ✅ COOK IN THE OUTDOORS - Don’t settle for trail food when you can prepare delicious and complete meals even when you're in your RV, on a camping trip, or barbecuing in the backyard with the family.
  • ✅ BUILT TO LAST - Each of our double stoves is constructed from heavy-duty metal with commercial grade, stainless steel finish. They can withstand intense temperatures, dents, impacts and scratches.
  • ✅ CONSTANT & STABLE PERFORMANCE - The automatic ignition allows quick, hassle-free heating of dishes from the fridge, and cooking delicate food evenly. You also get a FREE regulator for indoor use.
  • QCC1 Low Pressure Propane Regulator Replacement Hose - Sold separately


 Wish you can cook your favorite meals even when you’re in the outdoors? You’ve always been wondering if you could ever cook your family’s beloved dishes even when you’re not home. Electric stoves and built-in burners in your kitchen are efficient, but they’re restricted by their own size and need to be plugged in. How can you make your specialties and your loved ones’ most requested dishes when you don’t have the means to cook them while you’re all on the road traveling? Sure, you can pack cold lunches. But deep down, you know in your heart that you and the whole gang deserve a scrumptious and complete meal. 

Cook your dishes anywhere on the portable and high-performance Martin Propane Cooking SG-228 Hot Plate! Our brass burners are a camping and RV essential. They boast of steady and reliable heating performance with a 25,600 BTU capacity. Boil water, simmer soup, deep-fry meat, and evenly sauté ingredients without compromising taste or quality. These hotplates are equipped with an automatic ignition mechanism that produces a steady flame in a split-second. They also come with a pressure regulator. This device regulates the gas pressure coming out of the cylinder and supplies it at a constant rate to the hot plate. Designed with a high-quality build and sleek chrome finish, our mini appliance blends well with any kitchen motif. It complements either modern or vintage cookware. 

Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make a decision: This cooktop can be used for extended periods Prepare dishes indoor and outdoor using a reliable stove. Add Martin Propane Cooking Hot Plate! 

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