Midstate Lamp Mantles (96 pack)

Save $59.93

The Midstate Model 450 Propane Lamp Mantles


96 Pack

Part No. 525

These mantles are specifically designed to fit the Midstate Model 450 propane gas lantern - the largest, brightest, highest quality & certified propane lamp available in North America!

Note: This 96 pack of mantles includes 48 individual packages of 2 mantles each for easy use & storage. 

Directions for use:

  • Tie the mantle onto the burner while evenly distributing the mantle material
  • Cut off any excess string after tying
  • Hold a lit match and apply flame to the mantle, which will begin turning white.
  • Do no turn on the gas valve until the mantles have burned completely white. Once this happens turn on the gas valve slowly and light the mantle.

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