Midstate Model 450 Propane Lamp

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The Midstate Model 450 Propane Lamp

The largest, brightest, highest quality & certified propane lamp available in North America!

Made in the USA, these fully OTL certified gas lamps boast a 100 watt equivalent for a single lamp - and best of all, no power required! Superior quality vs other propane lamp designs, the Model 450 is an all stainless steel construction with a polished aluminum reflective dish which reflects the light downward while protecting the ceiling above. Adjust the brightness on the Model 450 with a simple turn of a knob which increases or decreases the propane flow - and best of all - uses standard tie-on mantles! No more expensive preformed mantles to worry about damaging!

The base single lamp kit includes everything you need to mount - just connect to your existing low pressure propane connection and the light is ready to use!

Included with the Midstate Model 450:

  • Mounting Flange
  • 10” Polished Aluminum Round Reflector
  • Globe Holder
  • Top Frosted 6-1/2” Globe
  • 2 x Mantles

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