Midstate Model 450 Propane Lamp


The Midstate Model 450 Propane Lamp

The largest, brightest, highest quality & certified indoor propane lamp available in North America! It should be no surprise why the Midstate Model 450 gas light is our best seller...

Made in the USA, these fully OTL certified gas lamps have adjustable brightness and boast a 100 watt equivalent for a single lamp - and best of all, no power required! Superior quality vs other propane lamp designs, the Model 450 is an all stainless steel construction with a polished aluminum reflective dish which reflects the light downward while protecting the ceiling above. Adjust the brightness on the Model 450 with a simple turn of a knob which increases or decreases the propane flow - and best of all - uses standard tie-on mantles! No more expensive preformed mantles to worry about damaging!

The base single lamp kit includes everything you need to mount - just connect to your existing low pressure propane connection and the light is ready to use! This kit also includes the adapter, plug, and decorative shroud to accommodate propane connections inside the wall (hidden copper line) OR outside (exposed copper line).

Included with the Midstate Model 450:

  • Mounting Flange
  • 10” Polished Aluminum Round Reflector
  • Globe Holder
  • Top Frosted 6-1/2” Globe
  • 2 x Mantles


  • 7-12" Tall when assembled
  • 18" Length from wall when mounted
  • 6" Wide (globe) 10" wide (reflector)

Compare Midstate vs Competitors:

  • Midstate Brightness (per lamp) = 100 watt equivalent light output at max. Competitors are only 70 watt at max
  • Midstate Globes = 6” wide x 5-1/2” tall globe vs Competitors with 5-1/2 wide x 4-1/4” tall
  • Midstate Quality = all heavy duty stainless steel body, chrome plated pipes, and polished aluminum shield. Competitors are all polished brass or painted
  • Midstate Reflector = 10” wide. Competitors are only 4” wide
  • Midstate Mantles = (per lamp) includes 2 and are easy to replace. Competitors come with 1 preformed mantle, replacements are expensive, and are very delicate which are often damaged during transportation. This means long term you're spending a lot more to keep that light operating! 


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