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 Mr. Heater® Boss Battery-Operated Hot Water Heater/Shower System


The BaseCamp B.O.S.S XCW20 is the most advanced, portable hot water generator in the world. Simply charge the internal battery using the AC adapter or DC cigarette lighter, drop the pump in a bucket of water, press the ignition button, and dial in your temperature for a great shower anywhere. Or if you have dirty dishes simply select the faucet outlet and you can direct the water from the showerhead to the attached faucet for cleaning hands, dishes, and whatever else you get dirty while out in the field. With the B.O.S.S XCW20 all you need is a charged battery, water, and a 1lb. propane cylinder to have hot water at your fingertips in even the most remote places.

Product Details:

    With multiple power sources, Mr. Heater's Boss Battery-Operated Hot Water Heater/Shower System ensures you can take a warm shower no matter where your adventure takes you. Cordless operation with an internal rechargeable battery, 1-lb. propane cylinder required to heat water, or power the unit and charge the battery with the included AC wall charger or DC car charger. Electronic ignition. 18,000-BTU output raises water temperature up to 42°F, while a hot-water safety flow switch prevents scalding. Easy-to-read digital display provides critical information such as battery level and temperature input and output. Convenient internal pump provides ample pressure and even includes a filter to block debris. Easy-to-use controls let you switch between shower head or spigot. Rugged stainless steel construction with carry handles. Tie-down area allows you to secure it during transport. Heat-exchanger drain plug for easy winterizing. Internal tip switch and oxygen-depletion sensor keep you safe. UL and CSA certified. Battery produces 40-minute run time.

    • Upgrade from XW18: Advanced digital display provides: +water temperature in +water temperature out +battery power level +battery charging status +operating status
    • Upgrade from XW18: Separate Faucet and Shower connections with quick connect fittings
    • Upgrade from XW18: Fully automatic - pump and burner start when shower head is activated
    • Weight: 29.95 Lbs.
    • 18,000-BTU output raises water temperature by up to 42°F (24°C)
    • Flow rate - .66 - 1.18 Gallons per minute
    • Runs easily and efficiently from multiple power sources
    • Built-in rechargeable battery with AC or DC recharging options
    • Adjustable water temperature
    • Rugged stainless steel construction with carry handles
    • Internal tip switch and oxygen-depletion sensor keep you safe
    • Hot-water safety flow switch prevents scalding
    • Internal pump filters out debris
    • Super-easy electronic ignition
    • UL / CSA Certified for use in USA or Canada
    • 1 year manufacturers warranty

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