Multifunction Emergency Auto Jump Starter Power Booster

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Mediasonic | MLG-4097OT

Perfect for emergency boosting dead batteries on the snowmobile, ATV, side x side, or even a small car!

  • Use it as a Jump Starter: When your vehicle won't start, simply use Mediasonic SmartCharge with the cable included to jump start your car. It's easy and convenient. Don't waste your time waiting for tow truck or someone to boost you.
  • Use it as a Laptop Computer Charging Battery: When your Laptop Computer battery is low, use it to recharge your computer's battery. There are 12V / 2A and 19V / 3.5A output on the unit. Eight different size of Tip and adapter cable are included. Make sure your Laptop computer power Input Voltage is compatible before charging.
  • Use it as a USB Power Bank: When your electronic or mobile devices' power is low, use it as a USB Power Bank to charge and get the power back on. The included 5V / 2A USB output port can charge all the 5V electronic devices, mobile devices like cameras, camcorders, GPS unit, portable gaming device, and SmartPhones like iPhone / iPad / Samsung Galaxy Phones
  • When fully charged, SmartCharge can jump start a small vehicle about 20 times
  • Ultra long battery life: about 1,000 charging cycles. Charging Time: About 3 hours to fully charge the unit. Operating Temperature between 0 degree to 60 degree celcius / 32 degree to 140 degree Fahrenheit
  • Powerful LED Light: General Lighting, SOS distress signal, and bright light.
  • With built in: Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Charge, Overload, and Short Circuit Protection

Product Specifications:

  1. Dimension (LxWxH): 155x75x30mm
  2. Output: Car booster port: 12V
  3. USB Output: 5V/2A
  4. Starting Current: >200A
  5. Peak Current: 400A (<3S)
  6. Fully Charge Time: about 3 hours
  7. Charging Life Cycle: 1,000 times
  8. Operating Temperature: 0-60C
  9. Battery Capacity: 10,000mAh

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