SunDanzer DCR165 Cooler and Solar Kit


SunDanzer is now offering it’s first ever Complete Solar Home System Kit. This kit is designed for reliable cold storage and minimal energy consumption for the off-grid home.


  • SunDanzer DC 165
  • 20A Charge controller
  • 100W solar PV module
  • Long-life Lithium Battery (6-year warranty)
  • 2 USB ports
  • 3 baskets for organization
  • PV mounting clips
  • 75 ft. power wiring (plug and play)

This is everything you need to get your refrigerator up and running on a sunny day!


  • Stays cold 24/7 on solar power alone
  • Scratch resistant galvanized steel exterior
  • Easy to clean aluminum interior with drain
  • Patented low-frost system
  • Vacuum release for easy opening
  • Extra thick insulation


External dimensions 37 x 26.25 x 34.5 inches
PV Module dimensions 40 x 26 x 1.25 inches



Volume 5.6 cu.ft. (159L)
Weight 140 lbs
Refrigerator range 30º to 48º F
Ambient Range 50º to 109º F
Insulation thickness 4.3 in
Refrigerant R-134a
Battery 12V 19.2 A-H Li

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