UNIQUE 6 CU/FT Chest Freezer

Product Description
Unique is proud to announce the launch of the new UNIQUE 6F chest freezer. The model is dual powered (LPG & 110V) – no need to worry about “brown outs”.  You can use on 110v, then if you lose power, operate on propane. No need for expensive back up generators. This CSA certified product is perfect for off-grid living, large families and hunt/fish camps.

Remember, legally you’re required to have a certified product for use in Canada and must have a safety device (CO monitor) attached. With respect to US customers, you must have a certified product for insurance purposes. If you’re considering a model which isn’t certified, your cottage/home insurance can be nullified.

Exclusively from Unique!

Operation: Propane/ 110V

Dimensions: (HxWxD):
Unboxed: 33” x 40 1/2” x 29” (with handle)


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