Unique Portable On-Grid/Off-Grid Semi Automatic DC Washing Machine

Product Description

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UGP-72 LD1

Unique Portable On-Grid/Off-Grid Semi-Automatic DC Washing Machine

Designed/sized for apartment use (with AC/DC converter, sold separately) or off-grid at the cottage via battery/solar panel power, the Unique portable DC washing machine is the perfect on-grid/off-grid laundry solution. With a wash capacity of 18 lbs and a spinner capacity of 11 lbs, this semi-automatic system connects to a standard faucet and features 2 wash settings (gentle/normal), an adjustable timed spin cycle and an efficient pump-powered drain.

Operation: DC 24V (or optional 110vAC Adapter)


  • Energy efficient dual tub washing machine is perfect for off-grid use with solar system, or apartment use with AC/DC converter (AC/DC converter sold separately)
  • Lightweight, easy to move where needed
  • 2 wash settings (gentle/heavy duty)
  • Adjustable timed spin cycle
  • Hooks up to standard faucet
  • Pump-powered drain
  • Compact and modern design, easy to store
  • Manual drain to regulate flow for septic beds


  • Total size: 2.3 cu/ft - 65L
  • Spinner speed: 13,000 r+min 1-5 min timer
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 35” x 31.5” x 18.7”
  • Weight: 44 lbs./21.5 kg
  • Operation: DC power, 24V only
  • Power Consumption: 0.19 kw/h
  • Input Wash Power: 160W / 320W
  • Water Consumption: Variable upon requirement
  • Connections: Battery gator clips (AC/DC converter for on-grid use sold separately)

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