12 Volt DC

12 Volt LED lighting is now available in a variety of sizes and colour options. If you're looking for an efficient and affordable lighting solution for the cabin, camp, boat or RV running on a 12 volt system, these lights are for you! Mount them flat on the ceiling, to your wall - or pick up the optional suspension kit to hang over the table.

For those running 110-120vAC power, we have these same lighting options available in both warm and cool white.

3 Watt 12V DC LED Bulb

3 Watt 12V DC LED Bulb

The Cabin Depot

$7.49 USD

DC12V 3W 6500K  DC12V 15W 6500K  At 3w this LED bulb has high energy savings, long operating life, low energy consumption. Great for garden lighti...

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