Kedron™ 12" Solar Powered Fan - 24W

by Kedron
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Kedron™ 12" Solar Powered Fan

Introducing our new Kedron™ 12" Solar Powered Fan! Perfect for tenting, boon docking, RV'ers, cabins, and other applications where you want to keep cool but don't have access to regular AC power. 

This unique fan design has 12 different speed settings, and uses a built-in rechargeable lithium-Ion battery which can be charged by the included solar panel OR standard AC wall adapter. That's right - unlike most fans of this type which only function when the sun is shining, you can keep cool day or night! The 5 LED lights on the back of the fan indicate the charge status ranging from 0 to 100%. It also includes a convenient USB charging port, so you can keep cool while recharging your smartphone or other small portable device!

Lightweight and easy to use, when charged the fan itself has an adjustable tilt and is completely portable so it can be taken with you and used anywhere. It can also operate for an entire day or night on the highest setting before it needs to be recharged!

The 24 watt solar panel comes with a convenient mounting bracket, which you can use as a portable stand or mount it permanently on an exterior wall or roof facing south (or in the best location where you can receive direct sun). 16FT of cable is included, and you simply plug the panel into the fan to recharge. 

A standard AC wall adapter is also included, so you can charge up your fan quickly at home before taking it on your next adventure. 

Download the manual: HERE


  • Black 12" diameter 3-blade fan
  • Adjustable 12 speed fan control LED screen
  • LED light charge status: 1 = low battery, 5 = full battery
  • 5AH Lithium-Ion battery
  • Weight: 11lbs (5KG)
  • Fan Dimensions: 15.7" High (with stand) x 14.2" Wide (including fan shroud)
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: 15.3" High x 13.4" Wide
  • Solar Panel Power: 24 Watt

Operational Notes:

  • You can use this fan at the same time the solar panel is charging the battery if you like. The same with the AC power adapter, you can plug this in and use the fan while the battery is charging. 
  • When using the fan on battery power only, the total amount of run time the fan will operate will be less if you are also using it to charge up your smartphone or other device. We recommend using this device as a fan primarily, and using the included USB port to charge up your smartphone or other devices only if required. 
  • After a full day or night use on battery power, you will want to fully charge your fan battery again, which will be shown when the 5th LED light is fully lit on the back of your fan.  

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